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GUARDIC is a top-down 2D shooter based on the classic premise of pitting a single starfighter against a horde of enemies with the fate of the galaxy at hand.
It is unique in that the player can choose stages, which are connected by a maze.
Power ups are not activated until you reach the next room and even then you have to choose which ones to activate before you enter the fight, which gives the game an additional strategic touch.
What will be waiting for you inside the fortress after the fierce battle?


In Guardic, your craft will be reinforced and "POWER" will be consumed when you rush into the points where enemies appear. In the same way as the "SELECT SPEED" message that is displayed before a battle starts, a message will be displayed. You can reinforce in the order of SPEED, WAVE, OPTION. Use [↓] or [→] to increase the amount of POWER invested,[↑] or [←] to decrease it and[Button A] to confirm.
Sometimes, POWER (yellow circle) will fall down in a battle area.

◆ Power up items
- SPEED The movement speed of your craft.
- WAVE The size of your shot.
- OPTION Addition of various special abilities.

The abilities are the following:

* SIDE W Bullets will fly straight also when you are moving your craft to the left or right.
* E.CTRL Enemy bullets will cease to be fired.
* LUCID You will be able to pass through walls. However,you will become unable to catch POWER.
* HYPER Your bullets will be able to pierce enemies.
* THROU Your bullets will be able to pierce walls.
* SHIELD A shield will be activated. You will become invulnerable in battle at that point.

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