This app is no longer available as of September 30th, 2016.
Thank you very much for your continuous support.


Jellyfish ip


iPad iPhone compatible since the iOS2.2.1, and iPod touch




This is an application that allows you to observe jellyfish as if you are in the sea.


Move your view point up and down
Holding your iPhone/iPod touch vertically allows you to see straight ahead, tilting the device upwards allows you to see above and downwards to see below.
Move your view point left and right.
Touch and drag your iPhone/iPod touch left and right rotate view accordingly.
Move forward and backward
Pinching open moves you forward; pinching closed moves you backward.
Adaptive background
Depending on the time of the day - morning, afternoon, evening or night - the color of the display changes accordingly.
Jellyfish are luminescent
Jellyfish become luminescent on the15th day of every month.

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