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iPad iPhone compatible since the iOS3.0, and iPod touch






The story, the characters and even the objective of this game are a mystery.
This game was on everybody's lips in the old times because of a system that was unheard of; in the manual, nothing more than information about the operations could be found.
Basically, this is a horizontally scrolling action adventure, with a main character who doesn't have a body and therefore has to use other characters to proceed through the game.
One can say this style is unique even today.

Game rules

The different adventure game appears on iPhone.
The player searches for ruins by operating a mental body while possessing(spirit ride) it to various characters.


[←][→] … Proceed, descend, defend, climb rocks, select item
[↑]+[←],[↑]+[→] … Run
[↓]+[←],[↓]+[→] … Creep
[↑] … Turn round, ascend stairs, climb ladders, stand up
[↓] … Stoop, pick up item
[A] … Jump, confirm item
[B] … Attack, confirm item
[PAUSE] … Pause / Unpause
[HELP] … Help Screen